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Only those who talk about it ...

...can shape thoughts, overcome blockages, change behavior and finally be happy and fulfilled. Everything starts with you - and with a good conversation.

I am very pleased to be able to accompany you on your path to a self-determined life.

Nice to have you here!


Dr. Annalisa Stefanelli


Offers and topics

Psychological coaching

Personal development

Roles and goals

Psychological Coaching

With in-depth knowledge of developmental, social and personality psychology as well as positive psychology, I offer you psychological coaching in which we respond to your needs and work together to solve blockages and reshape your habits, thought and behavior patterns.

Psychological coaching can take place in person or online and is offered in German, English or Italian.

Note: Psychological coaching is not covered by most health insurance companies.

Your investment:

  • Regular psychological coaching (60 min):
    CHF 150

  • Special prices for students:
    Psychological coaching students (60 min):
    CHF 110

Psychologische Coachigs

Courses and talks

In my courses you will acquire valuable knowledge about my core topics , which you can immediately implement in your everyday life. You can find out more about this here.


I also speak throughout Switzerland on topics such as mental well-being and prevention of mental health, personality development, self-determination, conscious education and more.

Courses and presentations are offered in German, English, and Italian.

  • Are you looking for a keynote speaker?

  • Would you like to train your team in psychology topics?

  • Do you want to further educate yourself and make your everyday life healthier?

Personal development

Personal development means growing out of our old selves and embarking on the path to self-realization.


Self-actualization and living a fulfilling life are important parts of the human need for fulfillment.


This path often requires work, effort and uncertainty, but we can walk it together and embark on a wonderful journey that will lead you to a fulfilling and happy life.

  • Do you want to change something in your life?

  • Are there areas in your life where you feel stuck?


  • Do you feel the need to actively work on your personal growth?

  • Do you want to live a more fulfilling life that meets your individual values and needs?

Roles and goals

It is important not only to know yourself, but also to learn how to deal with social challenges and the expectations of others.


Be it the role as a woman or a man, which is often shaped by external expectations, or the challenges of parenthood, which can be seen not only as a burden but also as an opportunity.

Psychological coaching is about setting clearly defined goals in relation to your roles in order to lead a fulfilling life that is in line with your individual values and needs.

  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by other people's expectations?

  • Do you want to define clearer goals for yourself?

  • Do you sometimes feel unsure about how you can best fulfill your role as a parent, partner or employee?

  • Do you want to learn how to balance your identity and your goals?

Rollen und Ziele
Persönliche Entwicklung
Kurse und Referate

Projects and Links

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About me

Although the academic and professional stages only make up a small part of my story, it can still be exciting to learn who you are dealing with. Let's take a look together at who I am and how I can help you shape your life in a fulfilling way:


since 2016: Psychologist and coach (SA-Life and PiE – personality in development)

since 9/2021: Lecturer at the Volkshochschule Beider Basel in the field of psychology

2021–2024: Lecturer in training and senior researcher at the School of Applied Psychology (FHNW)

2017–2019: Managing Director and Partner of Inspire 529 GmbH

2013–2017: PhD student and postdoctoral fellow at ETH Zurich



2021: SVEB 1 Certificate in Adult Education. AW Bildung GmbH (SO)

2015–2016: Life Coach training, ICF-certified. Dr. Bock Academy, Berlin (DE)

2013–2016: Doctor of Science, ETH Zurich

2010–2012: Master of Science in Psychology, University of Zurich

2008–2010: Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Basel

Über mich
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